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Hopefully by now you have checked out the numerous testimonials all from satisfied clients looking for business advice. If not, here's the link again.

Credibility and covenant are important characteristics when searching for third party products or services. We all like to feel any decision we take is a good one and the right one, especially if we are making decisions for and on behalf of others. That's why across all my engagements I have used the NPS customer satisfaction methodology to help inform you and me, am I really adding value.

Well, right now, my NPS stands at +95 Rated 4.8/5*****

So what can I help you with.... Well, that depends on what business you have, the stage It's at and the people within it. Here's a short list of just some of the areas I have helped other businesses with;

  • Strategy and Planning

  • Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design

  • Go to Market Strategy

  • Business Development

  • Interim Management

  • CXO/Senior Leadership Talent Acquisition

  • Mentoring

  • Change Management

  • Product Marketing

  • Due Dilligence

  • Sales & Marketing Auditing

  • Performance Management


As an entrepreneur at heart, I like to invest and advise startups (Batfast, Howsy, Mimica, Love Cocoa etc) as well as provide business advisory and consultancy services to small, medium and even large corporates (LDC, Rakuten, CLS Group) etc.

Fee free to get in touch.