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Make Things Happen.

Corporate Performance Improvement &

Sales Enablement



More than just advice, sustainable results. Clients trust me to drive significant results with practical approaches that work versus theoretical approaches that don’t. 

Engagements look like;

- Non Executive Director

- Interim VP, CRO, CCO and Sales Director

- Management and Leadership Coach and Mentor


The estimated cost of a ‘bad-hire’ could be anywhere from 4 times annual salary for sales reps all the way up to 15 times annual salary for vice presidents and executives.

Here’s an eye-opening example:

I’ve witness countless times when a new sales hire joins a company with the fanfare and high expectation and a good track record. However, like most sales hiring, the selection and process could be best described in part as subjective.

Don’t get me wrong, some go on to great things, however, I bet if your business is like most, it could be like a revolving door. The time it takes to replace and start again, not to mention the direct and indirect opportunity costs run into thousands.

Using my unique *KSM Sales Enablement Programme Methodology and Framework rated +95 on the NPS scale, I can help your organisation build, optimise and accelerate its revenue growth to the next level whilst also creating a world class environment and the performance accountability to match.

Interested to know more call me now on Tel: +44 207 459 4259

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