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Business Advisory & Leadership Mentoring

"Our results speak for themselves with 600% YoY growth and a number of tier 1 fashion retailers to our client list"


V Zadeh


““First off let me start off my saying that Ron’s enthusiasm to business development and sales is world class. Going through KSA has allowed me to see beyond the noise of a business which is evolving and changing on a daily basis. Going through the programme really highlights that talent alone is not enough to be the best.


For somebody that has been out of the learning environment for sometime it really showed that 100% commitment is required to pass this course. The ability to extract the important information and relay is not as easy as it looks. As the course comes to an end you really see the true value coming through in day to day situations, the students really does become the teacher. I highly recommend this programme to anybody who wants to be in the elite bracket.”.” 

—  Michael, BDM CLS Group

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