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Hopefully by now you have checked out the numerous testimonials all from satisfied clients looking for mentoring. If not, here's the link again.

Credibility and covenant are important characteristics when searching for third party products or services. We all like to feel any decision we take is a good one and the right one, especially something so personal as finding a business and career mentor. That's why across all my mentoring engagements I have used the NPS customer satisfaction methodology to help inform you and me, I'm I really adding value.

Well, right now, my NPS stands at +95 Rated 4.8/5*****


What a privilege being a mentor is, It's probably the best job in the world. Hearing, looking and seeing people like you take huge steps to be the best possible versions of yourself. And selfishly, if I get to play a small part in helping you achieve that, then what a privilege.


In the interest of full disclosure and transparency, in my life I have had at least a dozen different mentors and at least one active at any given time. The insights, the lessons, the wisdom have been nothing short of incredible and I personally owe a huge debt of thanks to each and everyone of them.  Not only do they help me try to be a better husband, father, son, they also help me navigate my own personal journey to WHY!

So what can I help you with.

Well that largely depends on you and what you think you need help with.  If It's your first time or even if you are seasoned pro at this stuff, a short 15min discovery chat (free) can help us both identify a possible match. Or in some cases we wont be a match, but thats okay too, at least you are one step closer to finding your best match.

Fee free to get in touch.

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