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Mentoring Impact: Clients



Managing Director

"It is a privilege to work with someone like Ron. He is passionate, focused and a born leader. I owe Ron a huge amount for the investment into my development. Many leaders have a good ability to challenge people, Ron's skill in my eyes is his ability to challenge you whilst maintaining a focus on integrity and his own investment into your success. Thank you Ron".


Business Development Manager

When I first started working with Ron I was 15k in debt after a collapsed business and struggling to gain traction at another disproven early-stage start-up.  After calling for help for mentorship, and just 90mins a month, we set to work on the basics. How to manage money,  how to make better career choices and how to up-skill my sales methodology.  I'm now 18 months on. I've worked for the world's 4th largest eCommerce company, promoted after 6 months into a closing role, and won some excellent new clients (Pepe Jeans, Moss Bros, Warehouse etc.) Not to mention, completed a 45k swing, debt free and capital ready to invest in my own personal investment portfolio. 

Ron's ability to cut out the noise, notice, then tweak behavioural patterns and drill a proven sales methodology is truly remarkable".


Business Development Manager

"First off! let me start off my saying that Ron’s enthusiasm to business development and sales is world class. Going through KSA has allowed me to see beyond the noise of a business which is evolving and changing on a daily basis. Going through the programme really highlights that talent alone is not enough to be the best. For somebody that has been out of the learning environment for sometime it really showed that 100% commitment is required to pass this course. The ability to extract the important information and relay is not as easy as it looks. As the course comes to an end you really see the true value coming through in day to day situations, the students really does become the teacher. I highly recommend this programme to anybody who wants to be in the elite bracket".


Business Development Manager

"Ron has played an instrumental part in my personal and professional development. He is very passionate in anything he puts his mind to, always striving for the best from himself as well as his team. Ron has taught me a lot about the importance of discipline and ethics in business. I value the lessons I've learned from Ron and that's why I'm happy to write this testimonial. Anyone that works with Ron will know that he is always willing to go above and beyond in order to achieve his goals. Ron is always careful to balance his duties so that nothing is compromised. He even created a new principle for the company to follow when making decisions - CTI (Company, Team, Individual). I will always be grateful for everything I have learnt from Ron and for all his support".


Sales Leader

"I had the pleasure of having Ron as a manager for one year and learnt so much from him. He is a genuine, caring and intelligent man who takes his role very seriously and professionally. Ron was always willing to help me achieve my personal and professional goals by making me “believe” in myself and my ability. A true leader and inspiration who builds doors where there are no opportunities."


Sales Leader

"I worked with Ron as part of a management team and have always been in awe of the way he works. Ron brings a level of passion and belief that emanates from him and daily I saw people who worked for him and with him be truly inspired by the way he approached hurdles and opportunities. Ron has the ability to bring the best out of people and bring people together to focus on a set of goals. For me professionally I learnt a lot from Ron and very much enjoyed being part of his team".


Business Development Manager

"I have had the pleasure of working with Ron for around 4 years and I have to say that his leadership has truly been some of the most insightful I have ever experienced. What I love about his approach is that he takes inspiration and knowledge from as many different sources as possible which gives him a well rounded edge over most other people in his field. His thoughts and decisions just make absolute professional sense each and every time. Ron has been absolutely instrumental in my development and working closely with him has allowed me to really refine my sales skill sets and methodology. Not only that but he has helped significantly broaden my business acumen, allowing me to communicate effectively with executives and managers at various levels within my customer base. It's a rare thing that you get to work under a leader as passionate and inspirational as Ron who is truly an asset to any project that he ties himself to. I feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work with him".


Senior Program Manager

"It was a pleasure working with Ron on behalf of the Royal Albert Hall. He took time to understand our client's unique business objectives and made sure that SiteConfidence's service offerings were a perfect fit. Extremely responsive and attentive, our every need was met from project initiation through completed test results. Thanks Ron!"


Chief Revenue Office

"Ron is unique in his ability to drive accountability and responsibility in partnership with the customer base, delivering on a Customer first structure , which clearly differentiates his skill set against others in the sales industry".


Business Development Manager

"I've always been impressed by Ron's innate ability to make people feel at ease, and his infectious enthusiasm. Ron is very much a "people person" and can identify and empathise with people of all levels of a business. He is highly self motivated, driven and a first class sales professional. He works hard to ensure that his customers receive the best possible solution for their needs by using sophisticated questioning techniques, but more importantly, listening to what his customers want. Ron is great fun to work with, is always smiling and exudes positivity at all times! I have no hesitation in recommending Ron as he would be an asset to any business."

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