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Learning and Development Formula

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

F (Frequency) + C (Competency) = R (Result or Outcome)

  • Frequency is determined by how often you carry out a task or repeated set of tasks.

  • Competency, however, is the skill or ones ability to carry out a specific task or set of tasks satisfactorily.

Therefore, if one is not able to frequently carry out a set of tasks in a skilful and competent manner, then the desired Result or Outcome is more often than not, not achieved.

Ron Goddard holding up a sign F+C=R
F+C = R (Learning and Development Formula)

So, consider this - If the desired result or outcome is largely attainable but not achieved. Then one really needs to consider where the focus needs to be.  Either;

  • a) One knows WHAT to do (KNOWLEDGE) and HOW to do it (SKILL), but does not WANT to. Then largely the cause will be (ATTITUDE).

  • b) One knows WHAT to do (KNOWLEDGE) and really WANTS (ATTITUDE) to do it, but does not know HOW to (SKILL). Then this is largely a competency or capability issue.

  • c) One knows HOW to do it (SKILL), and really WANTS to do it (ATTITUDE), however, does not know WHAT to do (KNOWLEDGE). Then all one needs to do is make them aware, take them from a place of unconscious competence to conscious competence.

It's only when you see the overlapping of the 3 (Knowledge, Skill & Attitude) will you see a HABIT of 'F+C'. And when trust is high and the space is given, it's amazing how much easier the 'R' follows.

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