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"Incredible business transformation"

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Ron Goddard CEO & Founder Techventures


Ron Goddard

As a successfully exited and proactive entrepreneur with over 25 years strategic and operational executive experience helping to build great people, great teams and great companies. Most recently I have built a portfolio and provided early stage investment capital to 23 startups looking to scale from PropTech, SportsTech, FoodTech, FinTech, BigData to Artificial Intelligence.


As well as provided Corporate Performance Improvement, Consultancy, Leadership, Interim Management, Mentorship and Sales Enablement expertise, predominately to Startups looking to scale and SME’s, Corporates & Private Equity going through significant change and transformation throughout all stages of the business lifecycle. These include, Leisure, Internet Services, Insurance, eCommerce, Hardware (IaaS) and Software Companies (SaaS) pre and post IPO.


Current client NPS +95


Corporate Performance Improvement

"Incredible business transformation"

Chief Strategy Officer CLS Group

Managers of growing companies need clear and informed business advice and support that gives confidence in the future and allows them to concentrate on achieving their business objectives. 


Sales enablement expertise

"Our results speak for themselves with 600% YoY growth and a number of Tier 1 fashion retailers to our client list"

CEO Rakuten FitsMe

Owners, the board, and senior leadership want, not only more wallet and profit share, they demand it today, not tomorrow! The pressure to reduce the cost of acquisition, increase average order values and remain relevant with clear differentiation, is not only impacting business, it's bending our prodcut, sales and marketing functions out of shape.


mentoring AS A SERVICE

"It is a privilege to work with someone like Ron. He is passionate, focused and a born leader. I owe Ron a huge amount for the investment into my development. Many leaders have a good ability to challenge people, Ron's skill in my eyes is his ability to challenge whilst maintaining focus on integrity and his own investment into your success."

Managing Director Lumilinks

1+1= 3 In fact it can equal any number you want. You see my belief is, that when you put interdependent people together, they can create far more than they ever could on their own.



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