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Customer Satisfaction 

NPS Score +95


V Zadeh CEO Fits.Me

"As an independent consultant Ron was engaged to help transform the sales function in to a highly knowledgeable, confident, results driven team. Ron delivered a first class training programme that equipped the team with in-depth knowledge of not only the sales process but also the market, our competitors and improved legal / financial understanding. His ability to influence, motivate and challenge hard translates in to teams that are passionate, confident and empowered. I would not hesitate to recommend Ron to help transform any sales function. Our results speak for themselves with 600% YoY growth and a number of Tier 1 fashion retailers to our client list.m a small, local business to a larger, regional business. Our collaboration has been truly remarkable, and we’re thrilled to see this business thrive as a leader in their industry".


CEO J Morris UK2 Group

“Incredibly insightful and focused on driving to the right outcomes within our business. Not only do we have a clearer picture where we are heading, we also have the process and accountability in place to make it happen… In short an excellent return on investment”


T Smalley Marketing Director UK2 Group

Ron is exceptional. He's an inspiring, detail-orientated business leader with a strong, but inclusive leadership style that builds momentum and delivers high levels of engagement across the business. His input into value proposition design and go to market strategy was incredibly helpful, and enabled me to discover even stronger market differentiators, ensuring our messaging was focused directly on our target customers.

As a mentor, Ron asks tough questions, but his questions are always thought-provoking. His insight has pushed me on, giving me the confidence to make more considered and impactful strategic decisions".


CFO S Karageorgis Venda (Netsuite)

“Ron was instrumental in re-engineering our direct sales team structure. After his in-depth analysis, he recommended simple, clear but critical steps to reenergise the sales team and to clarify its objectives and processes. Ron's experience would benefit any sales organisation in the technology sector”


C Thomson Director of Technical Services Rackspace

"i have had the pleasure of working with Ron for the past three years and have no hesitation in recommending him as a leader in any business. The best business leaders operate with integrity, honesty, they are firm but fair when negotiating, know when to compromise and when tell it how it is, Ron is the template for what all business leaders should try to emulate in this regard. Ron achieved this in a highly challenging and high pressure environment where he had to balance multiple conflicting dynamics and meet extremely aggressive business metrics.

Ron’s ability to manage business as usual evolution while having a clear vision of the future has been truly inspirational to me as an emerging leader and I hope I have the opportunity to work with Ron again in the future


CEO & Founder C Brannan Howsy

"As a founder spinning various plates i took it all to Ron, our first investor and he has this exceptional skill of cutting through the noise. He takes a complex idea and offers clarity. Without effort, he motivates, and inspires those around him and helps enable entrepreneurs to achieve their primary goals"


D Holloway Head of UK Operations UK2 Group

"Having worked with Ron on a number of Projects now, I can say that I have zero hesitation in recommending him. Ron played a key role in helping to develop a solid go to market strategy based on the business and market requirements. Not only that but he was a fantastic help with the underpinning technologies and strategies, bringing to light issues of overly complex processes and areas that hindered agility. Rectification of these placed the business in the best possible position to succeed."


U Chaudhry Solutions Architect Actifio

"Working with Ron leaves you energised, confident in your own abilities, upbeat and hungry for success. Ron makes you think out of the box and provides constructive feedback for you to better yourself. Ron makes you question how much you’ve thought through certain things, ensures you have a clear, constructive and strategic plan in place to make sure you are set up for success. Ron has an amazing unintentional ability to be a great motivational speaker.

This is one of his many multi-dimensional abilities aside from being structured, very smart and switched on, a great leader demonstrating amazing soft skills as well as providing real thought leadership. In a sentence, I would describe Ron as an extremely high calibre directorship-level leader with great credibility. You really have to be on you’re “A" game at all times to meet Ron’s high standard which he sets for himself and expects of everyone on his team".


P Tierney Chief Strategy Officer CLS Group

"Incredible business transformation".


Stephen Peglar Director of Sales Enablement  Rackspace

"I had the pleasure of working with Ron on a number cross functional projects. He was always a pleasure to work with, bringing unique and thoughtful ideas to the table and genuinely cares about making things better. I always enjoyed working with Ron. His positivity, and open-mindedness are infectious. He is an incredibly likable, charismatic and yet humble fella. He is a thoughtful and nurturing leader and a natural coach and motivator. I have no concerns recommending Ron".


Greg Segal Founder Service-Excellence

"Genuinely interested in the needs of his team, as well as providing a world class customer experience, Ron's support and leadership is both refreshing and inspirational. One of Ron's mantra's is "Seek first to Understand"....when I talk with him I feel that he's genuinely interested in what I have to say. More than this, Ron makes it very safe to give him criticism as well. This makes a world of difference in any sales engagement where Ron's patience to first understand the situation brings wonderful perspective to any engagement".

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