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Mentor Programme Model

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

My model above perfectly explains the effect. At the beginning, you have absolutely no knowledge therefore your confidence is low. However, after gaining just a small piece of information and successfully digesting it, your confidence grows rapidly. This is the danger zone and should be avoided at all costs.

You have now reached the peak of Mount Stupid. You display superior confidence and sometimes arrogance when dealing with the subject matter but with just a small bit more knowledge you begin to realise that all is not as it seems. You quickly fall into the Valley of Despair. You now know that there is so much more to learn and in actual fact, you have only scratched the surface.

What follows is dubbed the Slope of Enlightenment when you gain more wisdom and begin to plateau. You are now entering expert territory. Interestingly, your confidence level here is rarely that which was displayed at the beginning, always coming in at a lower level. = Higher Self Awareness and More Humility

Stage 1: Initiation

This is the first stage where the mentoring relationship is established between mentor and proteges. Following introductions and insights, between them they define goals, and begin sharing information. Two-way learning takes place. It's a shorter phase of the mentoring relationship.

Stage 2: Cultivation

This begins when mentor providing advice and guidance to the protege. The protege will develop skills and gain a broader understanding of his or her role, career path, and professional development. The protege works toward a goal and the mentor supports the protege in their efforts moving from unconscious too conscious.

Stage 3: Separation

Goals will be reached, knowledge will be shared and priorities and availability may change. The time will come for the mentoring relationship to come to an end. It may be initiated by either the mentor or the protege, or it could be by mutual decision. During this phase of practice and execution, open and honest communication is critical and will help the individuals move through this transition stage

Stage 4: Redefinition

The mentor and protege roles will not exist indefinitely. Two professionals will become like peers. This last phase of the mentoring relationship and self mastery aims to redefine the roles of individuals into a new professional relationship that may continue indefinitely.

Stage 5: Institution

The protege looks to maintain new skills and behavioural habits, leading to further interdependence, collaboration and synergy with other people and ones surroundings The protege is handed back to the institution. The mentor checks in periodically incase recalibration is required

Mentor Programme Implementation FAQ

Q: How long does the Mentor programme last?

A: Typically stages 1-3 are weekly sessions of 1hr, which run for up to 3 months before moving on to stage 4. Stage 4 are monthly sessions of 1hr which run for up to 3 months before moving onto Stage 5. Stage 5 are quarterly sessions which run for 1 or 2 quarters before graduation. From time to time post graduation there maybe a need or a request to have a session or two to recalibrate.

Q: Do the sessions have be done face to face?

A: No, the 1hr sessions can be delivered remotely over video link (Skype / Google Hangout) as well as face to face.

Q: Do you only work with companies?

A: No, although most of my work is with company employees. Of course, I'm more than happy to mentor people outside of any corporate / work engagement.

Q: What results have other Mentees had?

A: Whilst everyone is different, heres a couple of testimonials from satisfied clients;

"As a mentor, Ron asks tough questions, but his questions are always thought-provoking. His insight has pushed me on, giving me the confidence to make more considered and impactful strategic decisions". T Smalley Marketing Director

"Incredible business transformation". P Tierney Chief Strategy Officer

"Ron delivered a first class training programme that equipped the team with in-depth knowledge of not only the sales process but also the market, our competitors and improved legal / financial understanding. His ability to influence, motivate and challenge hard translates in to teams that are passionate, confident and empowered. I would not hesitate to recommend Ron to help transform any sales function. Our results speak for themselves with 600% YoY growth". C Zadeh CEO

"Working with Ron leaves you energised, confident in your own abilities, upbeat and hungry for success. Ron makes you think out of the box and provides constructive feedback for you to better yourself. Ron makes you question how much you’ve thought through certain things, ensures you have a clear, constructive and strategic plan in place to make sure you are set up for success". U Chaudhry

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